Fourteen Year-Olds Helping OKC's Working Poor

Posted on 09/17/2018

WageUpOKC recently reached 36 partners! We want to thank everyone for partnering with us, and either paying a living wage to all your full-time employees or working towards paying a living wage. It is clear that you value your employees and want to treat them well. We would like to remind you all that if you need any more business cards or window decals, do not hesitate to contact us! Through our many partners, we are doing some great things! Keep It Local OK has given us a page on their website where all of your business names are listed and websites are linked. The link to the page is at the bottom of this email. Also, a big thanks to Insight Creative Group for helping us with our website which was recently finalized with short paragraphs about each of our partners. If you would like to look at it now, please visit We also would like to thank the Curbside Chronicle for letting us put a full page ad in their May issue of the magazine, and for giving us the opportunity to pin our business cards on each flower bouquet in their Mother’s Day sale. Keep a look out for a new issue carried by the many vendors around OKC, and we hope that you all were able to see our editorial in the August issue of Metro Family Magazine! Also, take a look at our interview at City Hall about WageUpOKC with Meg Salyer on the station 20 YouTube channel, please visit if you would like to watch it.


  WageUpOKC are so grateful for all of our partnerships and would like to ask one more favor from all of you. As you all know, our goal is to reach 208 business partners by May of 2022 which is when we graduate high school. To achieve our goal and keep our movement going, we need to partner with more businesses around OKC, so please email us with any additional business referrals you have.


   We recently spoke with Friendship House, an organization in Oklahoma City dedicated to helping veterans get back on their feet through the VA. All veterans in this program have served at some time in their life and have gone through treatment for mental illness, substance abuse, or other obstacles they may be facing in their everyday life. Friendship House helps veterans get job experience through the VA, find jobs, and locate affordable housing. If any job openings for these veterans are available in your business, or you would like to learn more about the Friendship House, please let us know.  


   The short paragraphs about each business are posted on our website, so if you have any problems, concerns, or would like to look over your paragraph, please contact us. Our partners are listed below, so please let us know if we misspelled your business name, and we will gladly fix it. Also, if you have any upcoming events on the schedule or announcements to be made, we will gladly post on our social media to spread the word.