MetaFund Offers Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Loan Acquisition Program

Posted by Blake Trippet on 03/01/2013

Through the efforts of Habitat for Humanity, more families are realizing their dreams of a better life through home ownership.  However, many Habitat for Humanity affiliates have already deployed the majority of their capital in building, repairing, and financing the purchase of homes.  These funds will be repaid over several years through mortgage payments from borrowers, but this limits the impact Habitat organizations can make today.  MetaFund can help!

MetaFund is a nonprofit, Community Development Financial Institution whose mission is to improve the lives of low-to-moderate income individuals by providing quality, affordable housing.  Through a program designed to assist Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the nation, MetaFund is purchasing outstanding mortgage loans and providing immediate cash.  Habitat for Humanity chapters can sell various sized groups of loans depending on its financial needs.  This program allows Habitat for Humanity organizations the liquidity to continue doing what they do best, providing quality, affordable homes to those in need. For more information, please contact MetaFund.